Baba Yaga meets the Halloweensie challenge

Arr, they challenge be that you writes you a 100-word story using “cauldron,” “shiver,” and “howl.” Here be me story (with help from me matey Pat) and I be sticking to it.

The wolf, the witch, and the cauldron

“EEUW!” The cauldron shivered. “Not eye of newt AGAIN. Totally slimy.” It flipped over and dumped all the eyeballs out.

“Hey,” the witch said, “I needed those for my wolf-repelling spell.”

Bad timing. A wolf burst out of the forest. But as he charged at the witch, his front feet slipped on the eyes of newt. He somersaulted into the cauldron.

“Too bad I’m a vegan,” the witch said. “Although hmm, maybe I COULD go for some wolf stew.”

The wolf shot out of the cauldron and sped off.  The witch and the cauldron howled with laughter.

Blog12-CauldronIf’n you wants to read you more Halloweensie poop (or do one yerself), go here 

15 Replies to “Baba Yaga meets the Halloweensie challenge”

  1. Love the cauldron POV and the fact that he takes charge of the situation! Very creative Baba! And glad they repelled the werewolf anyway and everyone ended up laughing 🙂 Thanks for joining in the Halloweensie fun! (And apologies for not talking Pirate, but I’m short on time! 🙂 )


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