Who be this Baba Blogga Yaga when she be at home?

BabaYaga_aboutBaba Blogga Yaga is the main character in Pat Starzyk’s chapter book Baba Yaga’s Arr-ful Day.  A pirate-witch who’s lost her magic, Baba Yaga finds trouble in the Schoolyard of Shame, the uber menacing Cedar Woods, and a seemingly innocent shoe store. For more information visit http://www.patstarzyk.com.

Baba Yaga is based on a character from Russian folklore. At least that’s how she started. But somewhere along the way she became her own creature with that special voice she got from her pirate dad, one captain Mettan Yaga and her nanny “Fish Guts” Malloy.

There’s one thing she wants you to know about her. It’s what Fish Guts said when he first met her, “Shiver me timbers, Baba girl, you is got yer Ma’s spells and yer Dad’s skullduggery. That be one fine shipload o’ loot.”

PS: “Blogga” isn’t her real middle name. It’s her screen middle name, “so’s you not be getting me confuzzled with all they other Baba Yagas.”


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