Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 8

Blog19-Gorilla“Sir.” They gorilla he nodded at Bluebeard. “I’m here with my band of bloggers.  That’s John. And that’s Paul. And that’s George. And I’m Vernon, Band Leader and Spokesgorilla.”

“YO VERNON.” A parrot be squawking down at him from the yardarm, “WHAT BE YE GALOOTS DOIN’ ON THIS HERE SHIP?”

“WE’VE GOT WRITERS’ BLOCK.” Vernon shouted back.

Ahoy, me hearties! Thereon hangs our tale. Ever since two mad scientists be learning they gorillas to talk and use a computer, they be blogging. And they gots them tons o’followers too. Then one miserable excuse fer a morning they be waking up and finding they gots them nothing to write about. So they hops this ship hoping the sea air’d get they creative juices flowing like as if they be gushers. And how be that working for them?

The four gorillas they all be holdin’ up they blank computer screens.


They be down. But they not be out. Vernon sez to Bluebeard he sez, “I feel like we could do some good work at your inn. So here’s the deal. You give us some space to hang out in and we’ll post rave reviews about it. Everybody wins.”

“N-n-n-n-ot us.” The rabbits and the frogs they be huddling up together. “You’ll have us for lunch.”

“Don’t worry little buddies.” Vernon patted them on they heads. “We’re vegetarians. We won’t eat you. And we won’t let anybody else eat you either.”

The frogs went “Ribbit, ribbit.” The rabbits leaped up and down.

“I guess that’s a yes. How about you?” Bluebeard asked his wives. He got 14 thumbs up.

“Yay!” Everybody on board be clapping whatever they got.

They ship she be quiet for 37 seconds. Then, “Is it our time now?” The voice came from the floor.

2 Replies to “Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 8”

  1. Suspense! Can you have a cliff-hanger on a boat? What is the nautical version?
    In “pirate”?

    We all know writer’s block…can’t wait to hear how they cure this affliction! I hope it’s something I can adopt.


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