Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 9

“Ahoy thar.” They captain he puts his right hand up to his forehead and peers around his ship. “Who be sayin’ ‘Is it our time now?’ Speak up unless you be a ghostie, in which case, gets you offa me ship on they double.”

“Arrr-f, arrr-f, arrr-f, over here.” Aye mateys, it be they six pack of wiener dogs hiding behind the mast.   They spokesdog he sez to the captain he sez, “Ach, we did not intend to come on this voyage. Nein, we did not. We just got swept up by all the Kreaturs rushing on board your ship.”

“But now the ship sings to us like a Rhine maiden, ‘Stay here. Stay here mit us.’ And we want to. Ja, we do. Only we’re afraid one of you will step on us – or trip over us and land in the ocean.”

“Don’t fret little fellas.” They ship’s doc he stood up. “I can fix that.” So he goes to his cabin and cuts and sews and makes each doggy a flag on a stick.

Those doggies they be jumping up and down like as if they gots them springs on they feets.

“Well done, sawbones.” They captain he salaams his doc. “And now let’s see. Thar should oughta be one more story left.”

“Yesss! Saved the best for last.”

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