Pirate-talking witch writes first blog ever

Baba Yaga_sepAhoy me mateys, Baba Yaga be blogging. Son of a son of a sea dog, it be a family thing. Me dad he be writing in his captain’s log every night even if he be dead on his feets from doing his pirate stuff.  And me mom she be forever scribbling down spells in her witches’ notebook. Sometimes they smoke it be coming offa her pen. Then she cackles and snorts. Shiver me timbers, thar be some good old-timey blogs. Now it be Baba Yaga’s turn.

Vulture_sAye, aye, I be blogging at you from deep inside the Cedar Woods. Don’t waste yer time looking it up on you computer thingies. You isn’t finding it and you doesn’t wants to come here anyway. The vultures in they cedar trees be giving you the stink eye while drool drips offa they beaks. If’n you sneaks by them with yer liver still in yer body, thar be me house.

Me house she gots her two big chicken feet. She be stomping you into the ground if she not liking the cut of yer jib. If’n you escapes the stomping, you still not be getting inside unless you sez the secret words, which be “w0 xfdf vncn y sdjf.” Oops, me house she shakes me up so’s I not be telling you the secret words. Jfiicreric. Avast me house, I gets it.

Har, har, har, this be more fun than watching a one-eyed parrot dance the hornpipe on a hot stove. But I gots to go now. It be time for me grilled triple cheese sandwich. I be blogging at you again next month. Until then, check out me matey Pat’s website at www.patstarzyk.com. Her ‘What’s New’ page be giving you the poop on me and me Troubles. And send me yer favorite pirate words. Arrrr, we be having us some deep pirate talking. Mayhaps I be telling you one of me secrets.

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