Morgan goes on strike – Part 2

“Mateys, you been at sea too long,” the doc sez to them he sez, “That thar cat she be a FEMALE!” The whole entire crew it crosses its arms in front of its faces. Women on ships they be a epic no-no.

“Hold on mateys,” one smart pirate he piped up, “That be a cat, not a real woman so no dice on the bad luck. But hey, if’n we wants to take ourselves no chances, mayhaps we be kicking her overboard anyways. ”

Blog17-2-Cat overboard“NOOOOO,” the oldest grizzliest pegleggiest eye patchiest swabby on board put in his two pieces of eight. “If’n we be throwing a cat overboard, we be causing a terrible storm to strike our ship. Even if she not be sinking, we gets us nine years bad luck.” Arr, they be damned if they does and damned if they doesn’t. They be taking a vote but some swabbies they not be voting and some swabbies they be voting for both sides.

Morgan she decided to make herself scarce in case it not be going her way. But by this time she be royally miffed – and no kree-tur gets miffed like a cat gets miffed. “That’s what I get for all my years of service to this rust bucket,” she meowed to herself. “Well, they think they got it bad now. I’ll show them what misery guts is like.”

Blog17-2-Miffed cat

What do you think she did mateys? I be betting you figures it out. It not be rocket science.

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