Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 4

Blog19Ferret“Your offer interests me, Madame Captain.” The ferret he be whipping off his top hat and bowing low and slow. His nose it almost be touching they deck. “I did not expect you and your crew to be so…civilized.”

“Ahoy there.” The pirate who’d been on top of the pyramid sez to him he sez, “We be pirates, not HUNS, Mr. Ferret.”

The ferret he put his hat back on so’s he could tip it to they pirate. “Begging your pardon, kind sir. And please, do call me Throgmorton. Seeing as we’re quite likely to become shipmates. If, that is, we ferrets can work out a deal with your captain. We simply MUST keep wearing our top hats.”

Yon pirate be going, “Shiver me timbers, matey, why wouldn’t you?”

“Because the last blokes that hired us said, ‘Ditch the top hats. They wimp up our image.’ We tried going on strike. But we ferrets are extremely prolific, which means there were plenty of scabs to take our place. So here we are – top hats and all.”

Blog19DoRag“Shoot,” Captain Wilhemina Cook sez to him she sez. “I’ve seen worse toppers on me ship. One swabby even wears a black velvet do-rag with jewels in the shape of the Eiffel Tower.  Top hats? No biggie.”

“Well then, you just hired yourselves a fesnyng of top-hatted rat catchers extraordinaire.”


“Nicely done.” The ship’s captain he be eyeballing the crowd. “Now then any more stories?”

Bluebeard coughed.

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