Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 6

Blog19Rabbit1“My dear sir.” They biggest rabbit sez to Bluebeard he sez, “As you know – or maybe you don’t – most rabbits are homebodies. But we here are of an adventurous nature. When we spotted your ship, we gave each other the nod that said, Excellent, we shall become ships’ rabbits. Sail off to parts unknown. Forward, fluffle!” And on they came.

“Shiver me timbers, mateys,” the captain bent over to face they rabbits. “I’m guessing that didn’t work out like you expected. You all look a bit green around the edges.”

Blog19Rabbit2“Our timbers were shivered all right.” The big rabbit shuddered so hard his scruffy fur flapped back and forth. “We discovered that there’s a reason you never see any ships’ rabbits. We don’t travel well.” Even as he be saying that, one of they rabbits he leaped over to the ship’s rail and leaned over the side. “See? The whole trip’s been like that. So we’re looking to continue our adventures on dry land. Dry unmoving land. Might there be room for us in your fine establishment, Mr. Bluebeard?”

“You know it,” all the wives gave him their thumbs up. “Cute little bunnies.”

“I guess that’s a yes.” Bluebeard scanned the crowd. “Anybody else?”

“You’ll need some birds.”

2 Replies to “Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 6”

  1. Tension builds! Do they mean to welcome the rabbits only to eat them?
    And birds….albatross? Looking forward to the next installment!
    My timbers are shivering as I write…or is that just the cold day getting to me?


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