Morgan goes on strike – Part 4

Sooo mateys. In our last episode we is left they pirates pounding on the table and shouting something. Nar, they weren’t gonna make the cook walk the plank. But they weren’t gonna lay a big smackeroo on his kisser, neither.  All’s they wanted was “Morgan, Morgan, Morgan.”

Morgan stepped out cool as ever. She hopped up on the table, sniffed at the Boot Au Rhum and gave them the look that sez to them, it sez, “How’s that working for you, swabbies?” She got a few gnarled thumbs down, a few curses, and a rumbling which mighta been a answer or it mighta been their stomachs.

They coulda still been there shrugging they shoulders at each other, but then the doc stood up.  “Ahoy, crew, I’m not sayin’ any of this is my fault…” The pirates finally found a use for the Boot Au Rhum. They threw it at him. “But,” he batted away pieces of old boot, “I know how to fix it. “ He unrolled the flag that he’d spent all night sewing. “I give you…the Merry Morgan!”

Blog17-4-Merry Morgan

“Yo ho ho!” The crew tore down the Gloomy Gus, threw it overboard, and raised the Cat and Crosspaws in its place. Morgan she went back to catching rats. Once in a while she’d even stick a paw into the water and flip a fish onto the lower deck. And that, mateys be—

Blog17-4-The end

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