A Case of collective nouns

“Come aboard,” the captain said. And so they did.

A passel of pirates;

A pandemonium of red and green parrots;

A fluffle of rabbits with carrots;

And a fesnyng of top-hatted ferrets;

Plus Bluebeard with his septet of wives;

And a clowder of cats with their nonet of lives;

Followed by a leaping army of frogs;

A band of gorillas writing blogs;

And a six-pack of wiener dogs.

The riffraff of knaves on land sneered, “You’ll never get that tub going.”

But then


A gulp of cormorants;

A flamboyance of flamingos;

And a vortex of vultures

Flew by.

They flapped that ship way out to sea. And everybody had a barrel of laughs.


2 Replies to “A Case of collective nouns”

  1. This is so fun!! I tried to give a formal comment but couldn’t remember my password….still, hilarious use of nouns with a Noah’s Ark touch and birds to the rescue. It’s got it all!




    1. Aye matey, that be giving me a idea – Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales. Each of those creatures could be telling they story. Such as they parrots, who be living a long time and so must have lots of tales to tell. I be thinking more on that.


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