Noah’s Ark meets the Canterbury Tales – Part 2

Blog19-Parrot“Awk, my turn, my turn.” One of they parrots flew himself over and perched his feets on the shoulder of the ship’s captain. “We be on this ship on account of we be looking to join up with a pirate ship – or two – or three.”


A fat guffaw burst out from a lubber lurking somewhere in the passel of pirates.

“Don’t larf at us, you old barnacle,” the parrot flapped up and down. “Every pirate ship needs itself a parrot – or more if’n you can get ‘em. We be ferocious defenders. We gots us the snapping beaks. And the wicked sharp claws. Yer enemies they be crying for they mammas afore the sun goes down.”

“That’s one way of doing it,” another parrot flew out of the crowd and landed on the ship’s railing. “But thar be a better way. We flies over to yer rival ship all friendly-like and offers to show them whar yer ship be. Then we leads them to the ends of the earth – and beyond.  Nobody is ever seeing them again.”


All the pirates went, “Yo ho ho.”

“EEUW, gross,” a fastidious ferret piped up. “Why would any sane creature want to be a pirate?”

“I can answer that.” The pirate captain stepped forward.

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